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The Kenyan gladiator sandal. 

Comfortable, Durable, Sturdy, Elegant and Versatile

  • 100% Leather Uppers and Inners 
  • Rubber Sole from re-cycled, upcycled tyres 
  • Brass buckles from re-cycled upcycled discarded brass items 

Available in UK Size 41 & 43  

Colour ways: Black 

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The name Odero is a traditionally masculine name that comes from the word “Dero” which is a granary. The roots of these words are from The Luo who are River Lake Nilotes said to have migrated from The Nile.

Odero is the more masculine form of Adero signifying, the birthplace of many, the sustainer, the nourisher.

He is Comfortable, Durable, Sturdy, Elegant and Versatile.

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