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Meticulously hand stitched Hyacinth Book.

  • Hyacinth book (100% Ecological and Bio-degradable)
  • Size: B5
  • 100 Pages


The word Nawiri is Swahili. Our usage of it leverages its attribute “To Thrive.”

The Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake in the world and one of the sources of the Nile. It is home to a multitude of flora and fauna and is reported to support over 35 Million human beings in its ecosystem. 

Unfortunately, this lake is slowly losing its life due to a weed called the Water Hyacinth. It’s one of the worlds fasted growing weeds forming a thick layer over the water disrupting economic activity and killing off plant and animal life.

By purchasing this book, you are not only supporting the communities that are directly dependant on this lake who are turning lemons into lemonade by harvesting this weed and transforming it for good, you are helping preserve the earth by choosing an alternative that doesn’t harm trees.

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